This Valentine’s day, do you know where your flowers come from? On a daily basis most of us participate in a highly complex and networked global market that tends to obscure the real costs of the products and services we buy. DSGN AGNC believes  designers can help uncover the hidden externalities of everyday life and challenge the inherent inequalities and injustices that they produce in society.   Currently DSGN AGNC is working with a community in Facatativa (FACA), Colombia to build a housing project. We believe that it is key... Read The Rest →

FACA – Study and Initial Design for Housing Association ‘La Union’

Recently we finished schematic design for the houses of the 50 families of La Union in Facatativa, Colombia. A BOOKLET OF THE FULL DESIGN of the architecture, landscape, and socio-economic systems for La Union can be seen here: Open publication – Free publishing – More social housing  FACA – Study and Design for Housing Association ‘La Union’ can also be purchased via lulu.com SUMMARY OF THE INITIAL DESIGN OF LA UNION Greenhouses for flowers on the road from Bogota to Facatativa  ECOLOGY Facatativa has three major ecological problems. First, the flower... Read The Rest →

FACA Housing Project

Back on May 2009 DK and I faced the end of our graduate studies at the GSD and a hostile economic climate.  We knew the issues we were interested on pursuing but did not yet have a project. It was then that we decided to go on a research trip to Colombia and see what we could learn. While in Colombia we went everywhere from the presidential palace in Bogota to the barrio Lleras (comuna 3) in the port city of Buenaventura. The trip opened our eyes to many things,... Read The Rest →

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