DSGN AGNC in 2011

No better way to tackle a new year by taking a quick look back at the year that was. And it was a busy one for us here in DSGN AGNC.

This Year DSGN AGNC and its AGNTS:
-01.10 -Worked as part of #LGNLGN on the New City Reader
-02.14 -Released a short Valentines day video and blog post with information on the flower industry of Colombia and consuming habits in the U.S.A.
-02.21 -Presented at Harvard University’s GSD – What’s the FACA?
-03.25 –Presented at SFI 10+1 in Chicago
05.01 -Consulted to the group designing Anam City

-06.03-04 -Worked on setting up social media and documenting the Political Equator
-07.15 -Began to work with 596 Acres on community gardens in Greenpoint
-08.10 -Helped build a community and homes in La Prusia, Nicaragua (10 houses were finished on this date)
08.22 -Presented a follow-up video about Colombian Flowers at the Queens Museum
-08.26 -Worked as part of #LGNLGN with the IFUD to moderate the online discussion of City Sessions
09.15 -Worked as part of #LGNLGN with the IFUD to moderate the physical discussion of City Sessions
09.23 –Helped launch the Java St. Park in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

09.30-10.02 -Distributed copies of our FACA booklet at the PS1Art Book Fair at the NoNow booth
10.10 -Presented on two panels at the Design in Action Conference
-10.10 -Helped produce, craft, and deliver A Call to Action for the Rights of the Neighborhoods
10.14 -Participated in the Storefront for Art and Architecture’s Architecture For Free 
-10.15 -Participated in a panel at the Tactical Urbanism Salon
-10.16 –
Led a “Beyond Occupation” tour of Chinatown with CAAAV for Living as Form
10.26 -Provided initial vision for #whOWNSpace and set up an initial collaboration with DoTank:Brooklyn and Not an Alternative. Many others have joined
10.26 -Worked on the WEOWNU maps of public and open spaces for #whOWNSpace
11.19 -Helped organize and lead a #whOWNSpace studio class with The Public School NY and DoTank:Brooklyn
12.15 -Helped launch #occupyDOB with a legal team headed by Paula Z. Segal from 596 Acres
12.17 -Traveled to Facatativa, Colombia to continue research on the flower industry and its role on urban form and work on a community design project for 50 families.

We at DSGN AGNC thank you for your support in 2011 and look forward to the new year. We are already planning new calls to action, events, and design projects. To keep abreast of all our happenings sign up to receive our email blasts at dsgnagnc@gmail.com, follow us on twitter @DSGNAGNC, and “like” our DSGNAGNC facebook page.

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