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#FolkMoMA is a crowdsourced protest/call for design ideas to draw/sketch/photoshop/collage possibilities of interaction between the American Folk Art Museum and MoMA buildings.

See: 12-Year-Old Building at MoMA Is Doomed (NYT) and The Day That MoMA Died (Architect Magazine)

Follow and add an idea at: https://twitter.com/FolkMoMA and http://folkmoma.tumblr.com/

About #FolkMoMA: HyperallergicNextCity | ArchDaily |

Chutes and Ladders

My very (very) quick entry to this call for ideas is Chutes and Ladders – a project that envisions what would happen if groups collectively created new paths, breaking parts of both museums to stitch them back together.


ChutesLaddersDiagram ChutesLaddersRendering 1

Image of Interior of the MoMA after artists and museum goers together begin to create new pathways to the American Folk Art Museum


How the two museums could work together on the facade as the digging continues inside.

Entry by Quilian Riano

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