DSGN AGNC’s Quilian Riano is a consultant and part of the support group team for the INPLACE project by Youngstown State University’s McDonough Art Museum and partners including the City of Youngstown, Youngstown State University, Kent State University, the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative, the Economic Action Group, and the local community.

PRESS: Quilian Riano Interview with Youngstown’s Vindicator Radio

INPLACE is an “Innovative Plan for Leveraging Arts through Community Engagement” project that came together over the course of three years through a unique blend of community stakeholders and new leadership. It focuses planning initiatives and resources in targeted locations around Downtown Youngstown to draw on the compounding effect of well-coordinated action. It is directed toward community driven public art projects that combine storytelling with grounded urban art and design projects.

We are asking our diverse range of community members and stakeholders to form teams of 3 or more to propose plans for the design, financing and implementation of projects that address one or a combination of themes prioritized for implementation during recent planning initiatives.

INPLACE :: Youngstown, OH

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