Corona’S Plaza

Working closely with the local community we are programming and prototyping public space design installations to create a new commons — a space for the entire community — in Corona, Queens, NY. Corona Plaza is currently a street with moving traffic, but will be pedestrianized during the summer of 2012 as part of the NYCDOT public plaza program. Along with the community we will develop creative programming and designs that build social connections — presenting opportunities for recreation, education, commerce, and more. More information soon…

Commissioned by: Queens Museum of Art

Community Partners:


  • Q,
    What’s the relationship between this project and ones like the Queensboro Plaza project or larger Queens Plaza Bicycle and Pedestrian Landscape Improvement plans? Is Corona even geographical adjacent? Is all of this type of work happening in Queens by chance or part of same larger trajectory? Investment simply where it is needed and has been lacking perhaps?

    Is the DSGNAGNC goal more art than infrastructure? Vis a vis entities like D of City Planning or Transportation. Why is a museum the patron as it were… Of course this presents a different frame, it injects a value of intellectualism into the discussion.

    I would also be interested to hear your thoughts on those above projects and yours. Especially in regards to the various comments on the below linked Urban Omnibus piece, about the Queensboro project and trees (aka ecologic) as a factor, or lack thereof.

  • Hey Nama,
    Corona Plaza is going through a similar process as Queensboro Plaza, etc… with one distinction; the QMA has commissioned Aurash and I to create public engagement through interventions and program.

    Let’s chat offline on your other questions.


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