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The New City Reader is a temporary newspaper that was published from October 6, 2010 to January 9, 2011 as part of the Last Newspaper exhibition at the New Museum 
Leagues and Legions (lgnlgn) guest edited New City Reader’s Classified SectionDownload the PDF

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“The Leagues and Legions’ New City Reader Classified section maps longing, desire, guilt and regret in the city, as well as the city’s perceived losses and expressed desires through advertisements. The classifieds, while historically and economically tied to print, predate and postdate newspapers. In fact, the slow wasting of daily papers and alternative weeklies tracks the hemorrhaging of classified ads from ink to online. Still, they offer a charged platform for exchange: where personal concerns meet the commerce stream. The most intimate of commodities and announcements are made public. Yet the homogenized format of print classifieds and the resolute non-design of Craigslist provides a balm to modern afflictions, whether loneliness (personal ads), pain (runaways) or seaminess (rooms for let). By collecting ads –the wants and needs, lost and founds, missed connections and notices of New York City, Boston, Chicago and farther afield–we hope to momentarily capture urban desires. within this fleeting medium.”
–from #lgnlgn editorial 

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Find more images in a flickr set by mimiz: Classifieds section-New City Reader #lgnlgn

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