Full list and Interactive Diagram Showing Connections and Densities of DSGN AGNC Activities in 2012. We have began 2013 in DSGN AGNC looking forward to a year of designs, actions, events, publications in partnership with a variety of groups. One thing we know for sure, we will continue to explore the expanded role of critical discourse, architecture and design in the building of communities. We look forward to sharing information on events and actions with you throughout the year (subscribe to our updates). Thanks for your ongoing support and feedback, we view it as a key part of our ongoing critical explorations. Read More...

Corona’s Plaza: Diagram and Research Action

During the Fall of 2012, NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) closed the street and parking area at Corona Plaza, thus setting the stage for a new commons in Corona, Queens. DSGN AGNC was commissioned by the Queens Museum of Art to help activate the new public space with a series of interventions that engage the community to create a proposed redesign of the plaza. The Diagram and Research Action is the initial phase and serves to identify the issues and hidden urban conflicts affecting the community of Corona and thus the plaza. Our approach looks at the spatial dynamics of Corona Plaza as an exemplification of the socio-political issues within the community. As part of a series of conversations with the local community, this research will result in a design for a space that builds social connections and provides opportunities for recreation, education, commerce etc. Read More...

MEDIA AS TACTIC: from print to practice + Critical Activism Zine Reception

MEDIA AS TACTIC: from print to practice is an event organized by DSGN AGNC as part of a one-week artist residency at the Austrian Cultural Forum through an invitation by WochenKlausur to be a part of the Our Haus exhibit. 07.08.12 || 04:00 PM ACFNY 11th Floor 11 East 52nd Street New York, NY 10022 RSVP http://www.acfny.org/event/reservation/dsgn-agnc-1/ The conversation will center around how different groups and organizations are using media as a tactic to advocate for change in the city, broaden the voices that are heard, and to apply pressure... Read The Rest →

the Critical and Activist practice: A Discussion

the Critical and Activist practice: A Discussion is an event organized by DSGN AGNC as part of a one-week artist residency at the Austrian Cultural Forum through an invitation by WochenKlausur to be a part of the Our Haus exhibit. 07.02.12 || 06:30 PM ACFNY Auditorium 11 East 52nd Street New York, NY 10022 RSVP http://www.acfny.org/event/reservation/dsgn-agnc/ The conversation will explore the question of what it means to be Critical and Activist in the context of design/art/architecture/urban practices. As practices increasingly engage social and environmental issues the question remains as to how to effectively... Read The Rest →

Corona’S Plaza

Working closely with the local community we are programming and prototyping public space design installations to create a new commons — a space for the entire community — in Corona, Queens, NY. Corona Plaza is currently a street with moving traffic, but will be pedestrianized during the summer of 2012 as part of the NYCDOT public plaza program. Along with the community we will develop creative programming and designs that build social connections — presenting opportunities for recreation, education, commerce, and more. More information soon… Commissioned by: Queens Museum of... Read The Rest →

On the Question of #whOWNSpace

It has happened slowly. Many of us have not even noticed. Little by little, the cities we inhabit — malls, shopping centers, movie theaters, private plazas, parks, and in some unfortunate places even entire streets and neighborhoods — become increasingly privatized. Yet many of us do not often stop and ask ourselves what this means and what we are losing in the process. What happens to democracy when we do not have the spaces to meet, organize, and collectively plan for our future? What happens when our city does not... Read The Rest →

DSGN AGNC in 2011

No better way to tackle a new year by taking a quick look back at the year that was. And it was a busy one for us here in DSGN AGNC. This Year DSGN AGNC and its AGNTS: -01.10 -Worked as part of #LGNLGN on the New City Reader -02.14 -Released a short Valentines day video and blog post with information on the flower industry of Colombia and consuming habits in the U.S.A. -02.21 -Presented at Harvard University’s GSD – What’s the FACA? -03.25 –Presented at SFI 10+1 in Chicago... Read The Rest →

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